B2B Services

For large-scale distribution and retailers

We are specialised in E-commerce services

Would you like to sell Terraneo ready-to-assemble furniture via your e-commerce platform? We have studied made-to-measure services that simplify the sale and logistics of our furniture. Here are 4 advantages of our e-commerce services.

Ready-to-assemble ecommerce furniture
A wide range of ready-to-assemble furniture available

More than 14,000 items of furniture always in stock and ready to be sent all around the world in just three days

Resistant and quality packaging

We have adapted and implemented the packaging of our furniture, to guarantee that they have the utmost protection during transportation

Professional digital media

We will provide you with photographs and videos of Terraneo furniture that you can use for your e-commerce catalogue and for promotional purposes

Dropshipping service

You receive the orders, and we ship them, meaning that you do not have to deal with packaging or shipping

Shipping with personalised packaging

If you like, we can ship Terraneo furniture to your customers using your store’s personalised packaging

For sales outlets

Personalised consultancy service

An exclusive service that has been chosen by our partner retailers for years, as it helps them to increase sales, not only of Terraneo ready-to-assemble furniture.

We have studied the ready-to-assemble furniture purchase process, and we have understood that customers love experiences, coming to the store and imagining an item of furniture in their home.

This analysis resulted in the Terraneo Personalised Consultancy Service, chosen by many stores in DIY chains.

ecommerce ready-to-assemble furniture

What does the Terraneo Personalised Consultancy Service include?


Support in choosing the most suitable range of furniture

We will help you choose the Terraneo products to sell in line with your target and with the display space that you want to dedicate to them in your store.


Personalised store dressing in accordance with the available space

We create displays that render product presentation, and therefore sales, more effective; racks, end units, shelving, behind cash-desk displays, entrance units and more.


Contextualised furnishing and cross-selling with decorative items

We create small reproductions of areas of the home, which is also an excellent opportunity for cross-selling with decorative items on sale in your store.


Strategic furniture communication and sales staff training

The product needs to “speak for itself”. Each item of furniture is paired with information panels that present all the characteristics and available finishes.


Verification of the correct price positioning for your store

In order to render your store competitive on the market, we establish the real value of each item of Terraneo furniture for your clientele, and the most suitable price for your positioning.


Increased customer support for increased sales

We send you the display samples of furniture already assembled. This means that retailers save time and can concentrate on sales and customer relations.

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Why choose Terraneo


We are unbeatable, because we offer superior-quality multipurpose furniture at affordable prices

B2B Services

Customised consultancy, drop shipping, merchandise in stock, rapid delivery

Design and innovation

Constantly updated furniture and accessory lines, refined and ecologically compatible materials, quality finishes


We have been FSC® certified since 2011. We have been carrying out environmentally respectful production methods for years