The company

Over 70 years of history

Italian production of ready-to-assemble furniture

Our story began in 1951 in a small workshop in Brianza, with Oreste Terraneo. For more than three generations, the company has been carrying forward the artisan tradition of Brianza furniture makers, focusing on a constant search for innovation.

Terraneo is currently one of the leading ready-to-assemble furniture producers in Italy, having gained the trust of furniture retailers and suppliers worldwide.

Wholesale furniture company

a commitment to sustainability

We choose ecologically compatible materials and production processes that respect the environment. Terraneo is one of the few furniture wholesalers to have embraced the cause of sustainability and to have developed eco-friendly processing cycles that aim to reduce waste and emissions.

Furthermore, since 2011, on request from clients, we produce ready-to-assemble furniture with FSC® Mix certified panels, i.e., made with FSC®-certified materials and other controlled materials.

Terraneo member of FederlegnoArredo
Member of FederlegnoArredo
Terraneo FSC certified
Logistics headquarters

The distribution network

Our logistics headquarters were opened more recently in Giussano (Monza Brianza), where a large warehouse holds all the products in the Terraneo catalogue, which are available in large quantities and ready to be shipped to Italy and abroad.

This allows us to serve furniture companies and large-scale DIY distributors in a precise, rapid and widespread manner. Furthermore, all Terraneo furniture is supplied in ready-to-assemble kits to optimise shipping costs and reduce CO2 emissions.

  • 13000

    Surface area of manufacturing and warehousing

  • 150000

    Items of furniture shipped worldwide every year

  • 14000

    Items of furniture available for shipping in our warehouse

  • 3

    The time necessary to process orders

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Why choose Terraneo


We are unbeatable, because we offer superior-quality multipurpose furniture at affordable prices

B2B Services

Customised consultancy, drop shipping, merchandise in stock, rapid delivery

Design and innovation

Constantly updated furniture and accessory lines, refined and ecologically compatible materials, quality finishes


We have been FSC® certified since 2011. We have been carrying out environmentally respectful production methods for years